Urge Gov. Brown to Veto 'Rectal-Injection' Bill

Posted by Barbara Siegel on Monday, September 12, 2011 Under: Political Action

The educator-opposed measure, SB 161, requiring school employees to rectally administer the drug valium to students experiencing epileptic seizures while in classes, has cleared both the Assembly and the Senate. It now goes to the Governor.

It is urgent that you contact Governor Brown immediately to urge him to veto SB 161. Call (916) 445-4341 or email using CTA's Legislative Action Center.

Educators are concerned about the danger to students by having unlicensed school personnel -- including teachers, other certificated personnel, and education support professionals -- administer Diastat. Educators believe it is unrealistic to assume unlicensed school employees will receive sufficient training to distinguish between different types of seizures and recognize whether the seizure can be safely treated with Diastat. Inappropriate administration is not harmless; it can result in serious consequences, such as respiratory depression.

The manufacturer’s instructions call for the medication to be administered through a student's rectal cavity while she/he is in the middle of an epileptic seizure. Unlicensed educational personnel would be required to administer the drug to students wherever the seizure occurs – the playground, the school bus, a field trip, or a classroom.

Nothing in SB 161 protects school employees against being disciplined or fired if they fail to volunteer or if something goes wrong during the administration of Diastat. The current “liability” language does not go far enough to protect school employee “volunteers” from a myriad of civil and criminal liabilities.

Educators are concerned about the health and safety of all school children. SB 161 is the wrong answer to get students the health services they need. Under current law, parents can already use the 504 process to get their child specialized medical services.

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